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Computer Solutions

Canon Capital Computer Solutions has put together a staff of talented, knowledgeable, and experienced technology consultants who pride themselves in providing the very best, yet sensible, solutions available for each business we work with.

Whenever your business needs help with applying technology to improve communications, boost productivity, or increase revenue, just call on our experienced staff of technology consultants.

In today’s fast paced, ever changing, Internet connected world, you can turn to us to help your business keep up with it all. You can rely on us to be there for you!

Sales and Installation

We can recommend and provide you with new PC’s or upgrades to your existing systems. We also specialize in Microsoft Windows NT based file servers and peripherals. We provide on site setup, installation, testing and training services.

Maintenance and Repairs

Just like an automobile, you need to perform routine preventative maintenance, to keep your systems running smoothly. We can help with routine maintenance, software updates and patches. We also specialize in emergency troubleshooting and repairs to all kinds of computer systems and peripherals. We provide same day service on most emergency calls, and can normally fix your problem in one visit.


If you’re a small business with no one on your staff with the skills (or time) to keep your systems running reliably, we can step in and provide the assistance you need. We’re only a phone call away!

Internet Connectivity

To keep up with today’s “connected” world, we can recommend a variety of solutions for connecting to the Internet, and communication via Internet e-mail.  We can provide you with the products and services needed to create a simultaneous, shared connection to the internet by all (or selected) users on your network. We can also provide you with the ability to have email at all (or selected) workstations, shared contact databases, shared calendars and schedules. Need a website? We can do that too.

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