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Free Technology Review

We will perform a free Technology Review for your business! This service is performed at your location, and includes over 40 inspection points on your computer systems, peripherals and software.  We will inspect items such as:

  • Your network file server - condition, capacity, strengths, weaknesses
  • Network infrastructure (cabling, connectors, hubs, switches, etc)
  • Data loss protection - backups, tape rotations, etc.
  • Virus protection
  • Internet connectivity, speed, reliability
  • Peripherals (printers, modems, scanners, etc.)
  • Software - applications that make you efficient and help you to run your business
  • Workstations - we will inspect several of your Windows based workstations

Upon completion of the on site Technology Review our analysts will evaluate your information back at our office.  We will then provide you with a professional document which outlines your current systems and software, areas of strength, and areas that need improvement WITH specific suggestions for increasing efficiency and profitability.

Please call Kent Gerhart at 215-723-4881 x131 to arrange for your free Technology Review today.

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